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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Top 4 Reasons You Need A Independent Insurance Agent

Do you enjoy working with someone that has your best interests in mind? - Have you considered working with a local Chandler, Arizona insurance company? - Are you thinking about jumping ship with your current...

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How does driving for Uber, Lyft or other RideShare companies affect my insurance?

Does driving for Uber, Lyft & others affect my insurance? Y E S !!Short and sweet, here's how it works.... Rideshare or Transportation Network coverage is for people who use their own personal vehicle to drive for...

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New Years - New Beginnings ...& Life Happens! - What’s your plan for protecting your family with life insurance?

Here is my story, Unfortunately, life.... and death DOES happen. It happened to ME when I was 8. My father was taken from me when I was 8. 😢 My Dad - age 42, 1972 RIP He was driving his motorcycle home from work when...

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What has changed for you in the last year? Have you thought about reviewing your insurance needs?

Arizona Impaired Driving (DUI) details

Holidays are upon us and so are holiday parties and gatherings. Hopefully, less than normal with the rise in Covid 19 statistics. There is NO REASON for anyone to drive 🚔 impaired 🚨👮‍♂️ when there is Uber, Lyft and...

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Did you select the correct limits of auto insurance liability limits to avoid having your wages garnished by 25%?

If you want to go over what your coverage means and if it is the right protection for you, give me a call now. 480-336-9648#azinsurancegilr

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I said I want "FULL COVERAGE"! What exactly does that mean????

Client calls me and says "I want a quote for full coverage on my car". This comment is very subjective and solely based on what the caller T H I N K he/she wants and what the agent has to offer. THERE IS NO SUCH THINGS...

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Importance of Service Lines (Buried Lines) Coverage - Coverage for below the surface of your yard

When it comes to being a homeowner you might not know of a possible unexpected cost that comes from your Buried Utility Lines, aka Service Lines. Every homeowner does there best to save for unexpected repair costs...

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Are you tired of paying too much for insurance. Let us do the work of shopping for the best offer for you. FREE - NO OBLIGATION

Gap coverage for $500 or Loan/Lease Payoff coverage for around $30 a year?

If you have a loan or lease on your vehicle, did you buy GAP coverage when you bought your car? What is GAP coverage? It is a coverage that pays out after an insurance claim IF you owe more than the value of the car....

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