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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Send your kids to college with RENTERS insurance & Laptop insurance.

Renters Insurance & Personal Articles Insurance (for laptops) for your college kids away at college. Renters insurance is very reasonably priced and is well worth the small cost for several reasons. 

Having a renters insurance policy for your kids will keep their claims activity separate and unrelated to yours and your home insurance which is huge!! Renters insurance will coverage a few main areas:

1. Their personal belongings - clothes, furniture, electronics, etc... 

2. Liability coverage is included - this will help pay costs if your child accidentally starts a kitchen fire and causes damage that the landlord wants you to pay. This steps in to avoid out of pocket cost to you!

3. Loss of use - this will help pay room and board somewhere else if a claim happens and your child can't live at their residence while repairs are being taken care of. 

Personal Articles Insurance - great for laptops, camera equipment or sporting equipment. It covers all risk so even spills to a laptop. Great coverage and again very reasonable cost. 

Call us to provide you with the details and costs. 


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