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Importance of Service Lines (Buried Lines) Coverage - Coverage for below the surface of your yard

When it comes to being a homeowner you might not know of a possible unexpected cost that comes from your Buried Utility Lines, aka Service Lines

Every homeowner does there best to save for unexpected repair costs that a home might bring, but some things can really sneak up and hit you - like the damage to the utility lines underground in your yard. This could be piping or wiring that brings service to your home and damage to these could bring you some high cost repairs that are not expected. 

What would you do if a tree in your yard has a root that grows through a sewer pipe causing it to start to leaking?  YOU would have to hire someone to come in and excavate the area, repair the line and repair whatever damage was down to your lawn. This is YOUR cost. Many people that own a home don't understand that they are the responsible ones' for the damage and the part of the lines or services that are connecting from the home to the road.

Many insurance companies now offer an added coverage to your homeowners insurance policy to cover such out of pocket expenses and repairs. It is known as Service Line Coverage or Buried Lines Coverage and does not cost much to add. It usually gives around $10,000 in coverage and has a separate deductible from your home insurance, usually around $500 or $1000.

If you don't have this coverage and the other possible add-ons (endorsements) that come with a small price then you need to have us review your policy, We will offer you many suggestions to help avoid your out of pocket costs when things go wrong. Reach out to use today.