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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

New Years - New Beginnings ...& Life Happens! - What’s your plan for protecting your family with life insurance?

Here is my story, 

Unfortunately, life.... and death DOES happen. It happened to ME when I was 8. My father was taken from me when I was 8. 😢

My Dad - age 42, 1972 RIP

He was driving his motorcycle home from work when someone ran a red light and hit and killed him at age 42, leaving a wife and 7 kids.

Life DOES happen and lucky for my mom and us kids Dad had bought life insurance for us and he had his supplemental / backup policy through his work, which was not much.

Visiting Dads grave sight in IL. I miss that guy!

I know what you are thinking.... Let me guess...

1. I already have it through work.

2.don’t need life insurance, I’m young and healthy.

3. If I die they can just throw me in the lake or take my last paycheck and use it to cremate me, or set up a gofundme,  or a car wash to raise the money. 

4. My wife doesn’t need it she’s a stay at home mom.

5. I can’t afford it?

Ok, which one are you? 
Let’s talk a little Life Insurance 101 to address the 5 responses above. 

1. I already have it through work.

You DON’T own the policy through work your employer DOES. Repeat, you don’t own or control your policy. This means you don’t get to take it with you if you leave, are let go from your job, fired, downsizing, become ill and can’t work, you never know. Then what? Yup, you buy your own policy but now it’s harder to get because you are older and might have health or weight issues going on... and it’s more expensive due to your age since you got older and didn’t get it young. YOUR employer life  coverage is your BONUS / supplemental life insurance and usually not more than 1-3 x your salary. Your family couldn’t live off that for long.

2.  I don’t need life insurance, I’m young and healthy.

When is the best time to get a life policy that you own and control? When you are young and healthy. Life insurance rates are based primarily on your age and current health. Buy young to lock in higher coverage for less money. If you are single but plan on marrying and have a family buy a good amount now so you pay a really low monthly rate, forever. Then you don’t have to worry about what your age, weight and health when the time and situation come when you need the policy set up as you have your family

3. If I die they can just throw me in the lake or take my last paycheck and use it to cremate me, or set up a gofundme,  or a car wash to raise the money. 

Really? What family member name should I jot down in your file notes to contact them to remind them they get this unexpected and horrific task upon getting the news you have passed away?

4. My wife doesn’t need it she’s a stay at home mom.

If your wife that stays home with kids were to pass away, how much would it cost to hire a nanny, a housekeeper, possible meal prepper, tutor or more for when you are working and can’t work and juggle all the tasks your spouse gets done in a day. Plus, you and your kids will be out of school and work a bit grieving so life insurance can help with your lost income and grief counseling.

5. I can’t afford it?

You can’t afford it with your bills and your income that pays them? Now? For that reason, you HAVE to afford it now.  How is your wife or family going to afford their housing bills and food if you and your income are gone. Pay a small amount each month NOW for life insurance so your family can pay the FUTURE rent, bills and food later and can continue to live without financial despair later!!

5 Easy tips to remember and discuss with me or your insurance agent:

1.Start now, pay less now and get through mini medical exam with flying colors rather than when your 45+ and are overweight with high blood pressure and high cholesterol... which all equates to 3-4 x higher premium cost

2 .Keep that work coverage as your back up coverage and get your policy that you own & control now and forever

3.Set up a will and/or living trust to lay out all your wants and wishes so your family has it all in place the event of an unexpected death.

4. Talk with me to find the best plan and option for you and your family.

TERM LIFE - is the cheapest for the most death benefit. This is because at the end of the term period of time the cost sky rockers. This is good to protect during mortgage payment, schooling, working years. You only get the money if you die. 

RETURN OF PREMIUM TERM - . is the same as term except if you are living at the end out your set term, you get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK that you have paid in! Best WIN WIN policy. You get money if you live or die. 

WHOLE LIFE- best plan as it lasts until you die, it builds a cash value onto the plan that can be used as a withdraw, loan or applied to the death benefit. These plans cost more that the term plans but that is because it last until you die. The cost is based on your age at purchase and averaged over estimated life expectancy years. The premium that you start with is what you pay for the entire life of the policy. It never changes.

Protect the family you love!!❤️❤️❤️

Life insurance is not a one size fits all so let’s talk about investing in your families financial future!

☎️ Call or 📧 email me to set up an appointment to chat about your life insurance needs.

Don't leave your loved ones without the financial resource to continue to pay rent/mortgage, food, electricity and everything else.

Edward R Molzan 1928 - 1972


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