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Top 4 Reasons You Need A Independent Insurance Agent

Do you enjoy working with someone that has your best interests in mind?
Have you considered working with a local Chandler, Arizona insurance company? 
Are you thinking about jumping ship with your current insurance company and changing your insurance plan this year? 

With technology making more and more things in our lives possible with just a few easy clicks on the computer, it’s no wonder so many people are getting quotes and purchasing auto, home, life, and even business insurance policies online from national insurance companies. 

So, some could argue, why would I ever have the need for independent insurance agents?

You may wonder why you would use an insurance agent versus purchasing your policies completely online.

Today I will explain the benefits of having an independent insurance agent and what I can do for you that an "800"  number call center or a website company can’t offer when it comes to providing you products, customer service, and helping you save money. 


                         Ready to jump in?

An Independent Insurance Agent Can Craft You An Excellent Policy               

  • A great insurance agent will listen to your story and give you coverage options that fit you and your family’s needs. As an independent agent, I have years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge that will allow me to recommend products that other agents may not even know about.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • As an independent agent, I can give you the best recommendations to build your quotes and help make informed decisions on what policies will work for you or anyone that is looking for great insurance in Chandler, Arizona

Stover Strong worker writing auto policies for clients

An Independent Insurance Agent Can Offer Unparalleled Advice                   

  • As an independent agent, I can offer to show you which parts of your plan offers coverage to your property, what will not be covered, and review any areas of coverage concerns. 

  • Oftentimes, I see many of my new clients with policies that were purchased online and they are unsure of what exactly will be covered. This has led to many of us agents in the insurance industry getting a bad reputation by association and most of the complaints that we usually hear could have been easily avoided. 

  • An independent agent can ensure you avoid this pitfall by helping you fully understand your policy and make sure that everything that you care about is insured from the time you purchase your coverage.

Independent Agents working together at Stover Strong

Independent Insurance Agents Can Offer Expert Advice With Your Claim

  • When something terrible happens, your agent should be one of the dependable people that you can turn to when it comes to repairing damage out of pocket or reporting the incident to your insurance company. Independent agents who are working in your interests will help you choose whether paying for a repair out-of-pocket is better for your wallet in both the short term and the long term. 

  • My goal in these circumstances is to make a bad situation a positive one so that you don’t have to deal with headaches down the road!

Independent Agents working at Stover Strong

Independent Insurance Agents Are Focused On Being Your Best Advocate

  • In general, the vast majority of claims go over without a hitch and are handled in an expert fashion by the claim’s adjuster. However, sometimes things go sideways and can get a bit more complicated than both you and I expected. 

  • The good news is that I am here to assist you! I am committed to being your most powerful advocate when it comes to resolving any issues that may arise during a claims process and making sure that you can come to a resolution with your insurance company. 

A Personal Insurance Agent planning to help client.

See The Advantages Of An Independent Agent?

As you can see, there are a lot of advantageous services that you can only get from an independent insurance agency. Here at Stover Strong Insurance Brokers, we strive to give you the best, personalized service of any Chandler, AZ insurance agency! 

Being an independent agent allows me to truly focus on my customers and not just the bottom line, unlike many of the big insurance companies whose agents work for the company and not THEIR CLIENT. So, if you're looking to review your current insurance coverage, switch insurance companies, or need help crafting a new policy, I am here to help! Stover Strong Insurance Brokers can offer you competitive rates on homeowners, life, renters, business, and auto insurance at competitive rates with exceptional customer service.

I hope that this post was informative and helps you understand the unique benefits that come with working with independent insurance agents like myself. I would love the opportunity to review your coverage and enjoy serving my clients in Chandler and across the state of Arizona!


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