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How was STOVER STRONG Insurance named? It's a story about inspiration.

I want to share a story about how I picked the name Stover Strong Insurance Brokers...…..

I have a daughter named Bailey and she suffers from daily, chronic and terrible migraines along with occipital neuralgia. This first onset was around 14 years old (she is 23 now) and it lead her to be at Phoenix Children's Hospital, PCH - about every 6-8 weeks, for a few days at a time.

At the early onset of the medical issue she was able to go through the ER at PCH and be treated by what they call "the headache protocol". As time passed that didn't work any longer which then required her to be admitted to the hospital for a special, intense medication called DHE given to her through a pick line. It is very harsh on the veins so IV was no longer an option for her. The medication is NASTY and made her very sick along with being "out of it" and hallucinating... and they gave this to her EVERY 6 hours, increasing her dosage each time. 

Anyway, during the times in the hospital that Bailey felt a little better we used to go to the "Play/Game room on the floor she was on to play video games, board games and doing crafts with the volunteers and other kids in the hospital. As Bailey got older and couldn't go to PCH anymore she wanted to do something to give back to PCH playrooms where she spent her time and wanted to buy some new "stuff" for the playrooms so Bailey got a job. WIth her first paycheck she bought  pink rubber bracelets. They said "STOVER STRONG" on the outside and the quote "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" on the inside and sold the bracelets to everyone for $5 each and was able to collect over $1000 and was able to present PCH with a bunch of great toys, crafts, puzzles, and all.

We now have a moto through our extended family and friends- "Stover Strong" for all going through any difficult times medically, or otherwise. If you or someone you know is struggling, stay STOVER STRONG!