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Announcement of merge to Phoenix Risk Advisors LLC

Happy New Year to all,

I hope this letter finds you and your family jumping into the new year with good health and great things happening.

I would like to announce that I am merging my business and clients with Phoenix Risk Advisors, LLC with owner/agent Bernie McDonnell as of February 1, 2022. Bernie has been in the insurance industry for many years just as I have been and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to have Bernie as my strategic partner.

  • Bernie and I have the same mission and that is to serve our clients as we do our own family. You WILL reach us when you call and if we are taking care of a client, we WILL call you back. This is hard to find these days with insurance agencies
  • There will not be any changes to your actual policies and coverage‚Äôs
  • The only change to you is that your policies will now be under the agency of Phoenix Risk Advisors rather than Stover Strong Insurance Brokers and Bernie will be your contact
  • Bernie is great with risk management and overseeing your assets. He will handle your policies, take care of any questions or issues, and keep a watchful and protective eye on the policies as they renew and take care of things as they are needed

You have been a trusted supporter and client of Stover Strong Insurance Brokers from the very beginning of my company, and I appreciate you all. Bernie and I now wish for your support during this transitional time. I am eager to introduce Bernie to you so that you can see that he is a great partner and asset and will great care of you just as I have. I will still be available during the transition while Bernie now takes the lead as primary contact, and I will have a change of focus on the business I will handle, which will be Medicare products.

When you have questions or concerns you will:

Bernie and I know you will be very happy and help us to complete a smooth transition with a successful new and added value relationship.