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Salon Insurance

from Stover Strong Insurance Brokers

Salon Insurance

Dont Leave Your Beauty Business at Risk

If you own a business in the beauty and hair industry, you need insurance just like any other business. Without the right business insurance coverage, a fire, injury, or lawsuit could ruin your finances and force you to close your doors. Fortunately, there are many options available for your salon, barbershop, or spa to protect you from unexpected disasters, whether you have one chair or an entire building of suites.

Who Uses Salon Insurance?

Many different types of businesses use salon insurance. Our clients include:

  • Hairstylists
  • Barbershops
  • Nail salons
  • Day spas
  • Beauty suites
  • Cosmetologists and aestheticians
  • Waxing studios
  • Tanning facilities
  • Salon franchises

What Does Salon Insurance Cover?

Salon insurance coverage varies widely on a client-by-client basis, depending on the business’s unique needs. It’s a bit like a restaurant buffet: you can pick the coverage you want and leave out what you don’t need, especially if you work with an independent agent that gives you superior policy flexibility.

Here are some elements our clients usually elect to include with their salon insurance:

  • Property insurance – covers your building structure and its contents
  • General liability insurance – protects you in the event of successful lawsuits for liability claims, such as a slip-and-fall accident on your premises
  • Professional liability insurance – specific liability coverage for the services you provide
  • Loss of income insurance – protects your revenue stream
  • Utility interruption loss of income insurance – covers loss of revenue due to non-functioning utilities (water, electricity, etc.) outside your control
  • Equipment breakdown insurance – covers damage to equipment you need to provide services
  • Commercial auto insurance – for vehicles used to conduct business, such as mobile nail services
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – in case an employee is injured on the job
  • Employment practices liability insurance – protects you in the event of allegations of discrimination, sexual misconduct, or wrongful termination
  • Data compromise and identity theft insurance – covers you against cybercrime or theft of private client information

When we talk with you more about your business, we can help you assemble a policy from these components so you get the coverage you need.

Call Us for Personalized Salon Insurance that Meets Your Unique Requirements

Don’t let your beauty business go without the salon insurance it needs. We can tailor a policy to meet your unique needs because we’re independent agents at Stover Strong Insurance Brokers. We have far more insurance products at our disposal to help serve you than you’ll find with big insurance companies.

To enjoy our personalized service and the peace of mind that results from knowing your business is protected, give us a call at 480-336-9648, or reach out online to request a quote today.