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Vacation Rental Insurance

Vacation Rental Insurance

Cover Your Property When You Rent It to Others – Protection for your home or rental

Renting out your home or part of it via a vacation rental service can be a lucrative enterprise. However, your home insurance probably doesn’t cover this type of use. Instead, you should have vacation rental insurance if you list your property on homestay sites like Airbnb, Vrbo, Homestay, FlipKey, and Casmundo.

Why Do You Need Vacation Rental Insurance?

Multiple benefits

When it comes to insurance for a property you’re renting out on a homestay site, home insurance coverage can be murky. In many instances, your home insurance policy does not cover damages incurred while someone else is renting it, even if it’s just a portion of the property. The issue is even cloudier if you rent out your property as part of a small business or if the rental property is separate from your actual residence.

Some homestay sites offer their own insurance, but this may not provide adequate coverage if you have an expensive property or if renters do a large amount of damage, even accidentally. A better solution is a separate vacation rental policy to protect your investment in the property and your continued income from it. In fact, many vacation rental websites suggest you do this.

What Does Vacation Rental Insurance Cover?

Beyond homeowner policies

Each vacation rental policy is different, but they all go beyond typical homeowner policies for more comprehensive coverage. Vacation rental policies usually cover some combination of the following:

  • The building and its contents
  • Liability if there is an accident on the premises
  • Income derived from the property
  • Commercial liability
  • Enhancement coverage for theft, pet damage, etc.
  • Libel or slander
  • Wrongful eviction

Get Vacation Rental Service Tailored to Your Property

Personalized service from our independent agents

Don’t risk renting out your property without protecting it first with a solid vacation rental policy. Our independent agents at Stover Strong Insurance Brokers have many options available for you, and we can customize a policy according to your needs.

Give us a call at 480-336-9648, or reach out online to start a quote today. When the unexpected happens, you’ll be glad you had the right coverage.