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Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage

Medicare questions? We can help!

Get personalized help navigating Medicare plans. You are unique and so is the Medicare plan that is right for you. Your circumstances will determine your options and we can help you with this.

If you are not comfortable with researching your Medicare options, let us help.

  • Are you new to Medicare?
  • Are you turning 65 or retiring?
  • Are you moving to a new area?
  • Do you qualify for extra help?
  • Do you have a chronic illness?
  • Do you want help figuring out if you want Medicare Supplement,
  • Medicare Advantage, and/or a PDP plan?

We can:

  • Help you find the Medicare option that fits your needs
  • Help you through enrollment periods
  • Compare plans with you
  • Find Dental & Vision plans for you

How do you plan for your retirement and the costs for healthcare?

Many people that are planning for retirement have a big question, "what are my healthcare costs going to be when I retire? And the answer is, it will probably be one of your biggest costs. Let's look at a summary of estimated monthly premium costs in 2021:

Medicare Part A: "Free" as long as you or your spouse have worked 40 quarters
Medicare Part B: $148.50 a month (could be more or less depending on your income?
Medicare Supplement (Medigap): varies depending on plan & certain criteria. Could vary between $31 - $470
Medicare Part D Drug Plan: can vary $6-$200 a month depending on plan and criteria
Medicare Advantage: $0 - $200

Even though a Medicare Advantage plan could be $0, you still have to pay your Part B premiums. When you are looking at plan options this is a list of costs that need to be considered:

  • Premium costs
  • Co pays
  • Deductibles
  • Out of pocket costs
  • Prescription drug costs

People planning for retirement should prepare to have a price increase of about 2%-5% each year for your costs. This can include change in cost of Part B premium and deductible changes in Part A & B. Please allow Stover Strong Insurance Brokers to help you navigate through healthcare preparation for retirement and explaining all the Medicare options you will have. Call for an appointment with a licensed agent.