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Complimentary Notary Services

Complimentary Notary Services

An extra convenience for you

If you’re one of our insurance customers, feel free to avail yourself of our complimentary notary services. Amy Stover, owner and agent, provides this service as a convenience for her clientele.

Have you been told a document requires notarization? No need to go elsewhere. Give us a call to make sure we’re available, and we’ll take care of it in our office in Chandler, Arizona.

What Is Notarization?

Document authenticating

Notarization is a way of authenticating documents to make them legal and official. It makes a private document into a public document and reduces fraud in the process. Sometimes, additional documents are needed to ensure the one being notarized is true and correct. A notary public checks these things and witnesses signatures before stamping the documents involved, indicating they are trustworthy.

What Types of Documents Do We Notarize?

Many types…

There are many kinds of documents that we notarize, including:

  • Affidavits
  • Consent for children traveling abroad
  • Bills of sale
  • Requests for birth certificates and DMV documents
  • Lien releases
  • Deeds of trust
  • Estate documents (e.g., power of attorney)
  • Loan documents (home loans, commercial loans, property investment, refinancing, reverse home mortgage, etc.)

If you don’t see the document type you need notarized on the list above, just ask!

Need Help with Your Insurance Coverage?

Were here to assist

We find many customers require notary services and insurance simultaneously because they’re buying property or opening a business. If you need help with personal, business, or specialty insurance, give us a call at 480-336-9648 today, or reach out online with your questions or request a quote.