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RV Insurance

from Stover Strong Insurance Brokers

Arizona RV Insurance

Like any other vehicle type, including cars and trucks, RVs need to be insured in order to be allowed on the roads in the United States. This type of insurance functions similarly to standard auto insurance and includes many of the same components. Here's what you need to know to properly insure your RV. 

Required Coverage Components 

Although each state varies in its specific minimum insurance requirements, you'll undoubtedly at least need to have bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Bodily injury coverage applies to any injuries other drivers or pedestrians sustain after an accident involving your RV. Without this crucial coverage component, you might end up having to pay those medical bills out of your own pocket, which can be incredibly expensive. 

Property damage liability coverage will go toward fixing any damage you cause to other vehicles, buildings, or other structures, such as fences, road signs, and the like. This coverage won't do anything for the damage to your RV, though, so be sure to include collision coverage in your policy to protect yourself even further. 

Depending on where you live, you may also need to have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, as this is a requirement in some states. This coverage will protect you and your vehicle in case the other driver involved in the accident doesn't have insurance or has a policy with too small a limit to cover the extent of the damage. 

Optional Coverage Components 

As mentioned, collision coverage can be applied to any damage to your RV when the accident is your fault. If you have a luxury RV that is especially valuable, it is a good idea to have this coverage. If you took out a loan to pay for your RV, your lender will almost certainly require this type of coverage until your loan is completely paid off. 

It is also smart to include comprehensive coverage. This will protect you in case someone breaks into your RV or otherwise damages it while it is not on the road. 

Get the RV Coverage You Need 

At Stover Strong Insurance Brokers, we are here to help with your RV insurance needs, so don't be shy about getting in touch. Our friendly associates will gladly assist you in finding the perfect policy to meet your needs, thanks to our extensive network of national and local insurance providers. Call today to learn more and get started.